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Bengal Kittens

We currently have two litters of kittens. Queen Reba and King Michael have three babies, and Queen Rose and King Ivan have four babies. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a kitten.

We are a small family owned Bengal hobby breeder and are located in Charlotte, NC. We are very selective with our breeding stock, and the mental well being and health of our breeding cats is paramount. We strive for good temperament, as well as beauty in color and markings. We endeavor to breed for highly glittered, clear pelts and distinct markings in our cats in our efforts to improve the Bengal breed. In addition, all of our cats have regular vet wellness checks, vaccinations, and are DNA tested for PRA, and PKD. We have beautiful brown rossetted, gorgeous seal lynx point rosetted, and we occasionally have rosetted silvers, rosetted seal minks, and marbled. Our kittens are loved and socialized from the day they are born so that they will be happy, healthy, friendly babies when they go to their forever homes.

Queen City Bengals emphasizes quality, not quantity

Bengal Cattery in Charlotte, NC

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